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softwareIconSafety paperwork is necessary but handwritten forms are inefficient for workers to complete and a huge drain on company resources to manage.

Western Industrial Solutions used their years of field experience in the resource sector to develop an award winning piece of software that not only makes safety document management a breeze but actually helps the guy in the field develop better safety habits while dramatically reducing his time to complete forms.


  • Identifies potential hazards
  • Provides solutions to mitigate hazards
  • Adapts procedures when HIGH risk activities are identified
  • Provides enhanced safety procedures and reviews
  • Enriches safety documents with digital photographs
  • Digital signatures for sign-off and compliance, providing you a legal document
  • Easy to use touch screen interface.
  • Documents are date and time stamped. We ensure they are started before the job and then we lock them from editing when complete
  • TaskSafe works in the field independent of connectivity. You don’t need a network to get your forms completed at any location.
  • Software is configured for your company and your process. No need for your workers to learn new forms and procedures. Advanced technology with a low learning curve

Our backend, customer specific, secure web portal allows you complete control and management of your safety documents. Your office staff can easily update, control and sync the information that is loaded onto your tablets. You can build custom JSA’s for the work you are performing as well as track your employees and their certification.