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referralprogramCloud Storage

Paper documents are cumbersome and difficult to manage. Our company offers secure cloud storage of your completed safety documents. All of your stored forms are easily accessible to you, but highly guarded from prying eyes. They are easy for you to search and view at any time and can be easily printed as a standard PDF document. The forms are also locked from editing, allowing us to act as third party authentication of your documents if the need ever arises. With our document management, you receive ISO9001 criteria for document control.

Online OH&S / MSDS manuals

If you have fleet vehicles, you understand the headaches involved in keeping a complete set of your company’s health and safety manuals in every vehicle, along with current MSDS for every product you have.

Western Industrial Solutions solved this by storing all your relevant manuals and Material Data Safety Sheets directly on the tablet. Now they are easily searchable and take up no space. As an added benefit, you only now need to update one copy of all your manuals and quickly sync it to all of your tablets. No need to print off a bunch of single papers with ever new revision and manually insert them in binders. Our company also keeps a common library of MSDS sheets and we will inform you when any of your sheets need updating as per the 3 year regulation.

Asset Tracking

Your safety documents are a highly confidential document. If you use our CL-910 Tablet Computer, we can track your hardware and important documents in the case of loss of theft. We can disable the tablet if required or even activate the front camera to see who is using it. Protect your property with worldwide GPS tracking.

Custom Development

You’ve spent time and resources’ ensuring your company’s safety program meets stringent standards. You won’t be abandoning it to implement TaskSafe. Our company will customize our software to fulfill your specific reporting requirements.

Customer Service and Support

You can’t afford downtime with your safety reporting. We provide North American based customer support, including phone and web support portal. Help is never far away.