What is TaskSafe? TaskSafe is a combination of custom written software and military grade tablet PC that allow your field staff to efficiently and effectively complete safety forms, JSA or other administrative forms in the field and then have the documents digitally signed off and stored on the cloud.

Do I need to use your tablets? Our TaskSafe software can be loaded on any Windows based PC or laptop, although we do have some requirements around screen resolution. The benefit of using our hardware is that they allow you to leverage the true value of the software. With our tablets, you can input data easily on the screen either with basic touchscreen handwriting or the onscreen keyboard. You are also able to use the digital stylus to digitally sign off all documents, thus making them a legal document.

We like our safety forms. Do we need to change to use your forms? No, not at all. We understand that you have developed your safety program to fit your needs. Our company works with you to build your forms into our software.  The end result is that the technology gets adopted quicker into your organization because you are already using the forms you are used to. Of course, we have over 80 no-cost, prebuilt forms that you can use if you’d prefer.

What is the cloud? Is it safe? Everyone talks about the cloud these days. Simply put, the cloud is a series of very powerful and secure computers and data storage devices (disk drives) that can be located anywhere in the world and are accessible through the internet. When you store your documents on the cloud, you get the ability to access your documents safely from any internet connected device. The benefit is that you get a lot of great storage and computing power at a very minimal cost and it’s someone else’s responsibility to maintain and replace this equipment. The cloud also ensures that you will never again lose important information because of an equipment failure. Data is redundantly stored backed up regularly.

Does your product work on iPads or Android? Our software is based on a Windows operating system (version 7 or 8). We chose this because it offers the greatest flexibility to the customer and it’s an operating system designed to work in any size organization.

How tough are your tablets? We offer the Motion CL910 as well as the Xplore C5. Both tablets are rated as Military spec, which means they meet the stringent requirements to work in some of the harshest locations on the world. Both tablets have high ratings for fall protection, water/sand resistance as well as operations in extreme temperatures.

The C5 is an ultra-rugged tablet that can withstand extreme punishment.  It is also certified as Intrinsically Safe (Class 1 Div 2) for those locations with a possible explosion hazard.

Can I use your software on my own tablets? Our tablets run a full version of the Microsoft Windows operating system (version 7 or 8). You can install and run any compatible piece of software.  Your tablet now becomes a mobile workstation that allows you to increase your productivity greatly.

Our crews work in remote locations and often don’t have network connectivity. Will your application still work? Yes. Our tablets have wireless and broadband connectivity options, but TaskSafe is designed to be standalone and fully functional without connectivity.

OH&S manuals and MSDS sheets are resident on the tablet and available at any time. Safety documents created in the field also stay on the tablet until connectivity is obtained and they can be synced up to our cloud storage.

Do we need to store our safety documents on your cloud server? If you’d like, we can have your completed safety documents moved from the tablet to your own server or cloud storage. The benefit of having your documents stored with us is that we can now acts as a third party authentication service that your documents haven’t been tampered in any way. No need to worry though, your documents are always available to you through the cloud and secure enough that you never have to worry about anyone else gaining access.

Can I delete documents off of the cloud server? From the cloud storage, you can view, download and print any safety documents you’d like, but you are unable to delete any of them. This helps ensure chain of custody on the forms and also ensure you conform to strict document management control.

Can I still print off copies of my safety documents? Our software helps minimize the paperwork nightmare many business feel, but we understand that some people just like the comfort of a hard copy. Any form can be downloaded and printed off from cloud storage.

How long do you store documents on the cloud? We store documents online for 2 years and then archived for 7 years.