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Western Industrial Solutions—Safety Simplified.

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At WIS we support you in building better safety and regulatory habits and documentation, easily and thoroughly through:

 Integrated Safety Systems

TaskSafe integrates your company’s existing safety procedures and requirements into a resilient and efficient application.

Rescue Planning

The easily accessible Rescue Planning Form allows quick access to vital information in the event of an emergency. The document also contains instructions for quick access to emergency services.

Safety Awareness

We know that coming up with interesting and innovative topics for safety talks can be challenging. TaskSafe provides a database full of safety presentations. Your presenter can pick a subject and be guided through a quick and comprehensive dialog with the crew. TaskSafe also provides crew sign-off and attendance record keeping.

Current Health and Safety Policies

Are your fleet vehicles full of environmental, health and safety manuals? They are awkward, unusable and often out of date. TaskSafe keeps a digitized copy of your company’s manuals and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) on the tablet. The information is current and easily searchable, even if there is no internet connection.

Safety Documentation Requirements Analysis

The staff at Western Industrial Solutions will provide a Safety Work Flow Analysis of your existing safety documentation process. We will identify where there are opportunities for data efficiencies and reduce/eliminate duplication of information.


  • Identifies potential hazards
  • Provides solutions to mitigate hazards
  • Adapts procedures when HIGH risk activities are identified
  • Provides enhanced safety procedures and reviews
  • Enriches safety documents with digital photographs
  • Requires digital signatures for sign-off and compliance
  • Compiles industry-wide hazard library information for job safety, analysis and development