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TaskSafe Tablets—Everything You Need In One Secure Location

hardwareIconThere are a lot of “pretty” consumer grade tablets on the market. They look cute, do lots of flashy stuff, but wouldn’t last 15 minutes in a Northern Canadian oil field.

If you need ultra-rugged and intrinsically safe hardware in the field, then you want the Xplore iX104C5. The most full featured rugged tablet in the industry. With its ATEX and Class1 Div2 Certification the iX104C5 is a device you can safely take into some of the most dangerous work environments that exist. Its power, ruggedness and 3 year limited warranty means that your Total Cost of Ownership is far less than a standard consumer tablets, and it runs a full Windows operating system so you have complete compatibility with almost every major software and hardware option.

Look at the specs on this:

  • Industry’s most rugged Tablet PC
  • 4G LTE for fast, anywhere data transfer
  • Powerhouse Performance: Intel® Core™ i7 Platform
  • Tool-Free Access to Battery, SSDs, SIM, Micro SD
  • AllVue™ Xtreme Sunlight Readable Technology
  • Industry’s Best SSD–Single or Dual with RAID Option
  • Designed for In-Field Upgrades to Reduce TCO
  • Cool Touch™ Thermal Management
  • Full Microsoft® Windows® 7 and Windows® 8
  • A list of features and safety certifications too long to list. Contact us to get a Spec sheet for this tablet.

If your workplace provides a more hospitable environment, but still requires a hardware platform that can handle more than couch surfing, then have a look at the Motion CL-910. It’s a military grade Windows based tablet PC that offers a perfect balance of durability and price:

CL900_caseSpecs for the tablet include:

  • Meets MIL-STD-810G standards. It can take a 4 foot drop and keep processing
  • IP52 rated protection against object/particle intrusion. Water and dust won’t ruin your hardware.
  • Rigid internal frame.
  • Weighs a mere 2.2 lbs.
  • Seven hour battery life provides you a full day of productivity.
  • Superior daylight readable display with extra tough Corning©Gorilla© Glass.
  • Huge 10” display
  • Non-stop connectivity with Bluetooth, Wireless and Mobile Broadband.

Connectivity—There When You Need Us

TaskSafe utilizes wireless and broadband connectivity but is fully self-contained and functional even when not connected.

Our two hardware tablets are the perfect complement to our TaskSafe software, but if you would like to leverage your own equipment, TaskSafe can still be an option for you.

Ask us about hardware requirements for optimal running of our software.