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Online MSDS + OH&E Manuals

TaskSafe provides an efficient one-stop reference to MSDS, HSE manuals, company safety manuals and documentation.

  •  Easy and efficient solution for dispersal of safety “Paper Work” to crews in the field.
  • Convenient and secure data transfer system providing you with the ability to make sure required legal documentation is up-to-date and accessible at all times.

Environmental, Health and Safety manuals are awkward, unusable and often out of date. TaskSafe digitizes all of this information on one convenient tablet. The information is current and easily searchable, even if there is no internet connection.

Quick, Easy, Convenient


Work crews will always have access to current MSDS sheets for the products at the worksite. This information is maintained centrally and downloaded onto crew tablets on a regular basis. Binders of disorganized, missing, incomplete or out-of-date MSDS sheets are no longer an issue. Western Industrial Solutions provides for the addition, updating and maintenance of these documents.

HSE Manual

Your company’s HSE manual is required to be available to all employees, whether in the field, at the jobsite or in the office. As with MSDS sheets, the crew HSE manual is always up-to-date. Your company maintains the master copy and TaskSafe takes care of distribution, accessibility and currency.