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Improved Compliance

TaskSafe provides an auditable document trail. Safety documentation is completed prior to the commencement of work and must be digitally signed off by the user. The original documents are securely stored on a cloud server, and locked from changes or alterations. In the event of a claim or dispute, the document can be produced and verified by an independent third party. These are not prefilled, preprinted forms.

TaskSafe provides you with a one-stop document repository. Documentation is completed to your specific industry standards. TaskSafe can follow your company’s or client’s procedures. We incorporate your safety program into the system to match your needs while providing an off-the-shelf solution.

We assist you in meeting the requirements of provincial and state regulations as well as, IsnetWorld, Complyworks Ltd, ISN, ISNET World, RAVS, OSHA, OSHAS 18001, CSA Z10000 and ISO.

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